Aidan was just eight when he was diagnosed with adrenal cell carcinoma, a cancer which affects as few as one in a million Australian adults and even fewer children.

By the time Aidan had a tumour the size of an orange removed from his adrenal gland secondary cancers had already developed in his lungs. He turned nine in the midst of a chemotherapy regime that will continue indefinitely. Aidan’s life is dominated by chemotherapy and drug therapy which brings debilitating side effects. His parents Rob and Dawn Brown (nee Anderson) juggle Aidan’s care with work and trying to maintain a normal routine for his eight-year old brother Riley.

The Browns are long-term residents of Lilyfield where they are well liked and widely known as generous members of the community. Aidan’s parents Robert and Dawn have been active volunteers at Annandale North Public School, Balmain and Canterbury Little Athletics, the Balmain District Football Club, Balmain Sydney Tigers Cricket Club and Little Nippers at North Bondi. They have built strong friendships and community spirit along the way.

Aidan is a passionate about the Sydney Swans, Socceroos and Rabbitohs, and follows Australian cricket team avidly. He enjoys school, plays piano and is missed by his classmates and teachers.


Adrenocortical – or adrenal cell - carcinoma, is an aggressive cancer originating in the adrenal gland. A rare tumor occurring in 1–2 people per million annually, adrenocortical carcinoma is most likely to affect children under five and adults 30–40 years old. Because Aidan presented with the disease aged eight he did not fit its normal expected distribution pattern, leading to a late diagnosis. Due to the aggressive nature of the disease and a late diagnosis, he and his family have an enormous battle to fight.

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